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Why Does Spotify Keeps Pausing? (Fixes For All Devices)

spotify keeps pausing

With over 433 million users streaming music and podcasts on Spotify, the platform doesn’t need much introduction.

In most cases, Spotify pausing will not cause any problems for these millions of users. However, there are times when Spotify pausing may become a problem.

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why it’s happening and sometimes it’s frustrating!

Most of the time, there is a simple reason for it happening, and sometimes there is an extremely simple fix for it.

Here’s how you can fix Spotify if it randomly stops.

Why Does my Spotify Keeps Pausing?

  1. Due To Loss of Signal:

    A lack of signal in your area is probably the most common cause of Spotify pausing. Remote locations with low reception are common places for this to happen. Other than waiting for a better reception area, there is no fix for this problem. It is possible to download music directly from Spotify to listen to if you know you will be in an area with a poor signal. On the other hand, congested networks may cause a similar issue in a built-up area!

  2.  Make Sure Your Account is Not Being Used:

    It is possible that your Spotify account is logged in on another device if it randomly stops working. Due to this, you will be limited to one account (unless you upgrade your plan). If another device is using your Spotify account, you will be notified in your Spotify app or desktop version.check spotify playing device
    Just play music from your device to ‘take over’ the session, however, it may be worthwhile to mention this to the other user so you don’t end up in a constant Spotify battle! Consider upgrading your account to be usable on multiple devices if it’s a recurring problem.

  3.  Clear Spotify Cache:

    You can speed up your app by storing temporary data in your cache folder. It is possible, however, for Spotify to become cluttered after using it for a while, which will result in problems with playing songs.

    Here are the steps you need to follow in order to clear your cache:


    1) To access Spotify’s settings, click on the settings cog at the top right of the screen

    2) Click on ‘Storage’ at the bottom

    3) The ‘Clear Cache’ button is a large white button


    1) Select ‘Settings’ in the top right corner of Spotify

    2) Click ‘Storage’

    3) Click ‘Clear Cache’

    4) Click on the confirm button on the pop-up


    1) Launch Spotify

    2) In the top right corner, tap your profile icon

    3) Select ‘Settings’

    4) In the dialog box that appears, select ‘Advanced Settings’, and scroll down to ‘Offline Storage Location’.

    5) Go to the location of the cached file, and then delete it

  4.  Turn on Data Saver Mode:

    Most mobile phones come with a data saver mode which limits the amount of data an app can use. The great thing about this is you can cut down on your data usage and roaming charges, but it can interfere with Spotify’s smooth operation.

    The following steps will work on both iOS and Android to turn off data saver mode:

    1) Go to Spotify and click ‘Settings’

    2) Click on ‘Data Saver’

    3) If it’s toggled on, just turn it off on the next screen.

    turn on data saver

  5.  Turn Off Low Power Mode:

    In low power mode (or battery saver mode), your mobile device may conserve battery life. While this is a great way to conserve power, streaming music from Spotify might be interrupted.
    The following steps will help you disable low power mode:


    1) Go to the ‘Settings’ app
    2) Tap ‘Battery’ and scroll down
    3) Turn off ‘Low Power Mode’


    1) Click on ‘Settings’
    2) Click on ‘Battery and Device Care’
    3) Select ‘Battery’
    4) Turn off ‘Power Saving’ 

    You should consider turning off the low power mode if you need your phone. We recommend waiting until you reach a charging point before using Spotify if you need it to contact friends or pay for something.

  6.  Check Your Headphones:

    Check your headphones to see if they’re causing the pausing issue. Your device may pause Spotify if it perceives the jack as not fully connected if you are on a wired pair. To prevent any potential problems, ensure your wireless headphones are fully charged and connected properly.

  7.  Re-Install Spotify:

    You might be able to solve your pausing issues with a good old-fashioned reinstall!

    The process only takes a few seconds.


    1) Spotify can be deleted and reinstalled on iOS by following these steps:
    2) On your smartphone’s home screen, locate Spotify
    3) Once the icon is pressed, a menu will appear
    4) Click the ‘Remove App’ button
    5) Visit the App Store
    6) Enter your logon information on the Spotify app after reinstalling it, and logging in again


    1) Find Spotify on your device
    2) Tap and hold the app icon
    3) Click ‘Uninstall’ to remove it
    4) When prompted, press ‘OK’


As one of the best music streaming services on the market, Spotify is one of the best. Although, like any other app, it can sometimes fail to meet user expectations, you don’t have to let an occasional glitch ruin your audio experience if you know how to fix these issues within minutes!

These simple tips can help you get back to enjoying your music if Spotify stops playing, skips, or doesn’t work on your device.

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on these solutions. Do you have any other tips for fixing Spotify pausing issues?

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