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What is Twitch Turbo and how does it work?

what is twitch turbo

Twitch has a lot of benefits, but there is one thing that can interfere with your streaming, which is unnecessary ads. When streaming or playing games, some ads appear that are not even included in the stream. These ads can affect your attention span or reputation in one way or another. For instance, if you receive an ad that is not appropriate and a hater comments in your chat box, your ranking will be at risk. The streamers are therefore often wondering if there is a source that can assist them in this matter. If you are also among those players who face this problem, Twitch Turbo is here to assist you. But what is it, and how does it work? Relax! Do not be confused by it. I have covered everything you need to know about Twitch Turbo today, including its advantages, and how you can use it. Following this guide will help you protect your reputation while streaming. Using Twitch Turbo, you can interact with your fans without any hassle.

What is Twitch Turbo?

Twitch Turbo is a monthly subscription service that blocks ads while streaming, as well as pre-roll videos and stream disturbances.

Furthermore, I must clarify that this offer will only be available when you watch any video, whether or not you subscribe to that video. In addition, you will receive two twitches’ emote sets, and you can customize your chat room.

Also, broadcasts can only be saved for 14 days, but after subscribing to Twitch Turbo, you will be able to save them for at least 60 days as well as many other options. In terms of other programs, is it worth it to subscribe for $8.99 a month?

Twitch Turbo Or Regular Subscription Channels?

Let’s take a look at what the difference between Twitch turbo and regular subscription programs are, and which is better.

  • The cost of Twitch Turbo is $8.99, but the cost of a monthly subscription for a streamer is only $4.00. This means that Twitch Turbo is more expensive than most other programs, but the benefits outweigh the price.
  • You can have a trouble-free experience with streamers with Twitch Turbo. It will block all types of ads, regardless of whether you have subscribed to them. If you only enable the ad blocker in the settings, you won’t receive any other benefits in the chat box.
  • Streamers are counted as viewers by Twitch turbo, while regular programs lack this benefit.

In other words, Twitch Turbo is not just beneficial, but also cost effective. Its value speaks for itself, because it is undoubtedly a thousand times better than other subscription options.

Benefits of Twitch Turbo

Here are some other benefits of Twitch Turbo:

Ad-Free Viewing

Pre-rolls, mid-rolls, display ads, and companion ads can disrupt a stream and negatively affect its quality, so many people prefer this expensive yet beneficial program.

Broadcast storage with extended capabilities

Your fans will be able to enjoy your stream more for a few more days if you allow them to catch up with you a little longer. With Twitch Turbo, you will have your videos reserved for 60 days instead of 14 days. This is the ideal day to store your videos. Enjoy a long-lasting storage experience with Twitch Turbo.

An extended set of emotes

Streaming experience can be improved by choosing any type of emote setting you want: standard, monkey, or chat/glitch.

The chat badge

There is nothing better than having a chat badge along with your name. This badge is different from other badges because it will enable you to rank every time you make a subscriber.

Personalized chat usernames

Twitch turbo gives gamers the option to customize their usernames, chat boxes, and other game-related features to make their stream more appealing and distinctive. Be unique and become a top streamer with twitch turbo.

Customer support with a priority

You will get the quickest response to all your support questions with this feature. This allows you to give the best solution to all the problems you are experiencing.

How To Subscribe On Twitch Turbo?

Let’s see how you can subscribe to Twitch Turbo now. To take advantage of multiple benefits, here are some easy steps you can take:

  • Click “Login” on the Twitch Turbo website.twitch turbo login
  • Choose “subscribe.”subscriber twitch turbo
  • Under “complete purchase,” select “review purchase.”twitch turbo purchase

  • Complete all the requirements on the next page and press “view your subscription.”view twitch turbo subscription

How To Cancel Twitch Turbo?

Suppose you want to cancel your subscriptions, but there is no clear way to do so. Fortunately, I have the easiest guide for you. However, before you do that, I want to let you know that if you do not cancel the subscription, you will have to pay a certain amount. Here are some ways to get this done.

  • Visit the Twitch Turbo website and click “Login.”twitch turbo login
  • Click on the account icon and select “subscriptions.”twitch subscriptions

  • Then click “other subscriptions” on the Twitch Turbo card and click “edit subscriptions”.twitch turbo subscription list

  • There will be a pop-up menu that says “do not renew your subscription.” Choose “cancel and refund if you subscribed within the last 10 minutes.”twitch turbo subscription cancel


  • Give a valid reason for canceling and press on “cancel the subscription or don’t renew subscriptions.”cancel twitch turbo subscription

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Paying attention during the stream is a pro tip since it helps a lot in gaining a large number of fans by creating entertaining content. Therefore, Twitch Turbo helps all streamers that help gamers in this regard. In addition to blocking unusual ads from your stream, you can concentrate fully on what you are doing. Hence, with all its essential fractures, it’s undoubtedly worth considering. If you would like to take advantage of its unlimited benefits and rank yourself, subscribe to it right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Twitch Turbo cost?

You must pay $8.99 per month to subscribe to Twitch Turbo.

Do Twitch streamers still make money if you don’t watch ads?

Twitch Turbo subscribers who don’t see ads still support them financially despite bypassing ads.

How is Twitch Turbo different from Twitch Prime?

With Twitch Turbo, you get access to ad-free viewing, an exclusive chat badge, a wide selection of emotes, custom chat usernames, and extended broadcast storage. You get a free Twitch Prime subscription, a free game, free loot, custom chat colors for you and an exclusive badge when you subscribe to Twitch Prime. Previously, Prime offered ad-free viewing, but that perk was removed in 2018 so people would subscribe to Turbo instead.

Can you gift Twitch Turbo?

You can gift channels, but not Turbo subscriptions. You can, however, give Twitch gift cards to friends and family, and they will be able to use to subscribe to channels.

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