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What is a Twitch Recap & How to Find Yours?

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Many social media companies are now providing end-of-year roundups with fun bits to look back on that show off the fun bits from the past year. You might have noticed this over the years if you’re a social media user.

The user of these recaps typically enjoys not only seeing an illustrated overview of the year, but also sharing it on social media with their friends. They also want to see how other users’ recaps look.

Twitch has also introduced Twitch Recap which lets users to overview of their previous year’s streams.

How to Get Twitch Recap?

The Twitch platform allows anyone to stream a wide range of videos, as well as monetize their streams once they have attracted enough followers.

Twitch began as a videogame streaming site in 2011 but was acquired by Amazon in 2014 for $970 million. Today, Twitch attracts artists, musicians, podcasters, and more besides gamers.

You can view your personal Twitch year-end summary by logging into Twitch and clicking on the link in the tweet below. If you use Twitch, you can access it very easily.

You can see your favorites streamers, your most-used emotes, your favorite streaming categories, and how many hours you watched in the 2022 recap, which not only shows who streamed on Twitch in 2022, but also what you watched.

Increasing Popularity of Twitch

The acquisition of Twitch by Amazon was a wise move, since the platform continues to grow rapidly.

The tweet above indicates that 11 million people have signed up to stream on Twitch in 2022, thus indicating that Twitch’s growth spurt will likely continue. Twitch generated $2.6 billion in revenue in 2021, a 41% increase over 2020.

By 2021, Twitch had nine million monthly active streamers, a major increase over previous years. Many turned to the platform as a safe way to communicate during the pandemic.

In September, Twitch announced it would change its revenue sharing with top creators to a 50/50 split from 70/30.

Streamers have since deserted the platform for better deals, like indie streaming site Kick, which lets them keep 95% of subscription revenues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can i still get my Twitch Recap?

Yes, if you missed out on receiving your Twitch recap, you can still access it by logging in to your Twitch account, clicking on your profile picture in the top-right corner of the screen, selecting “Creator Dashboard” from the dropdown menu, clicking on the “Insights” tab in the left-hand sidebar, and scrolling down to the “Year in Review” section, which should show your recap for the previous year. If you’re having trouble finding your Twitch recap, you can contact Twitch support for assistance.

Q: What is a Twitch Recap for Streamers?

A Twitch recap for streamers is an annual summary of their streaming activity on the Twitch platform. It includes information about their streaming statistics such as the number of hours streamed, the most popular games streamed, and their top viewers.

Why is my Twitch Recap not Showing Up?

There could be several reasons why your Twitch recap is not showing up. Here are a few possible explanations:
Timing: Twitch usually releases recaps at the end of each year, so if you’re checking for your recap at another time of the year, it may not be available yet.
Inactivity: If you did not stream or watch any streams on Twitch during the year, you may not receive a recap.
Technical issues: It’s possible that there was a technical issue that prevented your recap from being generated or displayed. In this case, you may want to contact Twitch support for assistance.
Unmet Criteria: Twitch Recap depends on certain criteria which should have been fulfilled in the past year, like streaming for a minimum number of hours, having a certain number of followers or subscribers, etc.
If you’re still having trouble accessing your Twitch recap, you can reach out to Twitch support for further assistance.


In conclusion, the Twitch recap is a valuable tool for streamers to evaluate their performance and track their progress over the course of a year. By providing detailed insights into their streaming statistics, including the number of hours streamed, the most popular games streamed, and their top viewers, streamers can gain a better understanding of their audience and adjust their streaming strategy accordingly. Additionally, the Twitch recap can be a fun way for streamers to celebrate their accomplishments and share them with their community. While there may be various reasons why a Twitch recap may not show up, streamers should take advantage of this tool when it’s available to gain insights into their streaming performance and continue to grow their Twitch channel.

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