Top Universities To Target For MS in Data Science in 2022

Undoubtedly, data science is one of the most sought-after university degrees abroad. Millions of international students apply for MS in Data Science. Since the field has been in high demand for the past 4-5 years, the value and earnings in data science have gone up drastically. As one of the computer science disciplines, data science is diverse and packs various career opportunities. A data science degree can land you the best possible career options if you are interested in a technical field that deals with data, analytics, and machine learning.

Masters in Data Science

The idlest degree to pursue in a particular field is a Master of Science (MS). Offered in many universities all over the world, an MS degree in data science is a graduate-level master’s degree. Approximately every top university has data science masters or specializations available. This allows you to browse thousands of options and pursue a degree with the best return on investment (ROI). Not to mention the jobs and positions after graduating are highly lucrative.

Allied Market Research has published a report stating the global data science platform market will generate $4.7 billion in 2020. Not just that, the number is estimated to reach $79.7 billion by the year 2030. This is a 33.6% CAGR for the decade. Employment and the market growth in data science have been booming since it came into recognition.

Masters in Data Science: Jobs & Salary

Employment in data science has always been great. For the best countries, the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc., demand and job market in data science has grown substantially. For instance, job openings in data science increased by 480% compared to 2016, when the number of data science jobs was 1,700. Along with jobs and industry growth, it also pays well to get a data science degree. Generally, an MS holder earns much more than alternate qualifications in the same field.

For instance, the median starting salary of a data science graduate is $90,000 (about 71.4 lakhs) yearly. Additionally, based on your expertise and experience, the average salary can range from $120,000 to $140,000 (95 lakhs to 1.1 crores). So if you wonder if data science is a good career or not, rest assured. The earnings and career outcomes of data science are more than impressive. You can surely expect a six-figure salary in your mid-career. Of course, this data is based on the very best locations.

The USA has the best overall data science salaries ranging from 71.4 lakhs to 95.3 lakhs. Besides, most of the best-ranked data science universities reside in the USA. Names like MIT and UC Berkeley are most known to offer top-quality data science MS courses. After that, your safest bet is the UK. The country has an excellent study and work environment that packs one of the oldest universities. Popular for research and innovation, the UK pays handsomely to data science graduates. The average salary of a data scientist in the UK can range from 50-70 lakhs.

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Masters in Data Science: Top Universities

To get the best career opportunities and maximize your ROI, the first thing you need to do is select a university. Data science is a very diverse and popular area of study. You can find data science courses in all major countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and more. However, if you know the best universities to study data science, the selection process can be much simpler.

Top universities to target for MS in data science globally:

1Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)USA
2University of California, BerkeleyUSA
3Imperial College LondonUK
4University College DublinIreland
5University of WarwickUK
6Carnegie Mellon UniversityUSA
7University of MichiganUSA
8National University of Singapore (NUS)Singapore
9University of British Columbia (UBC)Canada
10University of MelbourneAustralia


Many sources like Glassdoor and Indeed have labeled data science among the top professions in countries like the USA and UK. There is no better time than now to go for an MS in data science. Based on your preferences, you can browse multiple excellent data science specializations. Along with the best professions, data science is also one of the most lucrative. Better career opportunities, better earnings, and diverse fields, what more do you want?

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