What You Need To Know About TikTok Recharge

Are you having difficulty charging the TikTok coins? Here’s a step-by-step guide to assist you on how to recharge TikTok coins.
Each social network has offered an option to make money from its services. Like many other social media platforms or apps, TikTok can be monetized through its app using virtual currencies that can be easily recharged or bought.
The TikTok recharge lets users purchase these virtual coins and then add these to the TikTok wallets. Then, you can make use of these coins to present your favorite TikTok creator.
Before we move on to the TikTok charge, it is important to talk about the basics of TikTok coins.

What are TikTok Coins?

TikTok coins is a virtual currency that is based on apps that can be bought using real money. By using these coins, you can be a supporter of any TikTok creator that you like.
Platforms such as Twitch permit viewers to give a tip to their favorite streamers to show their appreciation. When you come across something new and original, you like it for a short time. In the end, TikTok makes money from your enthusiasm.
Coins’ value fluctuates depending on exchange rates. The cost is $0.99 dollars for 100 pieces. You can buy up to 10,000 coins per purchase. Before purchasing, make sure to be sure to check the price at the current time as prices for coins are constantly fluctuating.

How Do You Buy or Recharge TikTok Coins?

If you wish to acquire TikTok coins, you’ll need to purchase them through TikTok. You can also buy these coins from third-party service providers with no debit or credit cards.
Utilizing your credit/debit card in international markets is difficult or even difficult in some regions around the globe. People in these areas use third-party companies to purchase or take out the TikTok earnings.
If you do not experience the same issues in your region, You can start the TikTok app and pay for coins with an approved payment method.

How Much Does It Cost on TikTok Coin Recharge?

The following is a list of the coins and their prices in dollars.

Coins Price
70 coins $0.74
350 coins $3.7
700 coins $7.8
1400 coins $14.8
3500 coins $37
7000 coins $74
17,500 coins $185
Custom coins                                Available on the web version only

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How to Recharge TikTok Coins?

It’s easy to purchase as well as recharge TikTok Coins. Follow these directions to purchase TikTok Coins:

  • Go to TikTok and navigate into your account.
  • Touch the hamburger button to access the settings.
  • Go to “Settings and privacy. “.
  • In the menu click “Balance”.
  • Then tap ‘Recharge.’
  • You can select how many coins to buy.
  • The next page will require you to confirm the purchase.

How To Recharge TikTok Coins Online

By using the customized Coins option available on the TikTok website, you are able to replenish a huge number of coins with no limit making the process of recharge of your coins easier.

If a pop-up not supported is displayed when trying to follow the guide below This means that the page isn’t available to all countries.

  • Launch your browser and navigate to https://www.tiktok.com/coin
  • Click on the option for a custom recharge or select a set amount
  • When you type in a number or number, you will be able to see an amount that is corresponding to the figure.
  • Continue by clicking “Buy Now”
  • When you check out, you’ll be asked to input your credit card details or PayPal information.
  • They will then be added to the TikTok balance when You click on Confirm.

If you do not want to utilize the link above, take these steps:

  • Log in to TikTok on the web
  • Navigate to the dashboard on your profile.
  • On the screen, tap three horizontal dots
  • Open settings and Privacy and follow the following steps as described in the previous guide.
  • TikTok web users can choose an amount that they want and pay with no service fee and pay with PayPal as well as a credit card.

Recharge TikTok Coins Using PayPal

The process of adding TikTok money to the account must be done through the TikTok purchase page. As I said earlier, the website is available only in certain areas.

To recharge TikTok coins, go to tiktok.com/coin login and select the amount you’d like to recharge, and then select PayPal as the payment method.

Why Can’t I Recharge TikTok Coins?

  1. You may try these solutions if you are unable to recharge your coins on TikTok:
  2. To buy coins, you can use a pre-paid card
  3. If you have a PayPal account, you can make purchases using your account
  4. If your bank is unable to accept online payments, you can try with a different card.
  5. Charge less coins
  6. It could be a network or server problem – try again.

In What Ways Can You Use TikTok Coins?

When you buy TikTok Coins You store the coins in your Wallet They are only valid in the TikTok application. Like most virtual goods they’re not refundable and come with limitations.
TikTok lets you gift only to your most loved creators. Because of safety issues, TikTok no longer allows users under the age of 18 to send gifts.
By using these funds, you can give gifts to others TikTok users. This will deduct the number of coins from your account.
On TikTok you can turn the gifts you receive into diamonds which you then trade in for cash. Diamonds’ value is only half what it’s worth in coins. One hundred coins equal 50 diamonds. 50 coins equal 25 diamonds.
It’s like Twitch. You can purchase gifts and pay the streamers whose videos you like the most.
You’re more likely to be recognized if you tip more. The streamer is required to be successful, while the audience is enticed to make a purchase to earn recognition.

Can You Get ‘Free’ Coins on TikTok?

Let’s get started by saying that it’s not always free. This is especially true for websites like TikTok. There are a variety of steps being implemented by the company to protect users from fraud.
In many scams, you’re requested to look at the channels of their scammers or to follow them in order to earn free coins, however, you are charged in some way. Additionally, you should not give money to anyone regardless of what they say.

You’ll find a variety of sites and applications that offer no-cost coins through TikTok. Be aware of the dangers associated when using these apps prior to visiting them or engaging with them.
You could easily disclose your account information by entering your TikTok login details on these sites. In the event of this happening, it is likely that you will not be able recover your account.

Additionally, TikTok, like many other applications, can be hacked using any IP address associated with your device. If someone can hack your account or perform actions that are in violation of the norms of the community, you will likely be banned for life.

On other websites, there are requests to download the information on your phone or computer. Downloads made from the internet must be handled with care. Your device could also become infected by malware this way.

Why Are TikTok Coins Cheaper on Desktop?

If you purchase TikTok coins directly on your desktop instead of via the app, you’ll save as much as 31 percent. Stores that sell apps charge businesses by way of their payment system commission fees.

The developers of TikTok receive 30% of the commission earned from in-app purchases made on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. TikTok does not allow app stores to receive a portion of the profits instead, users pay an additional cost within the application.
Contrary to mobile app storefronts, TikTok’s website for desktops does not require hosting of an app store and therefore, payments made through the desktop site won’t be charged with a commission.

How Much 200 Roses Cost on TikTok?

You will be charged $1 for a single rose so for 200 roses you have to pay $200.

Can I Send TikTok Gifts for Free?

You will have to purchase the coins and then use them to obtain gifts, which you will then send to the creator you like the most. So, TikTok gifts aren’t free.


The TikTok application enables its users to purchase coins. Users can then buy presents and send them to their favorite TikTok Influencers utilizing these virtual coins. At the point when your coins are spent, you can choose TikTok recharge and purchase the coins. You can purchase these coins either through the mobile application or on your desktop.

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