How to Delete TikTok Story

The story feature on TikTok has gained immense popularity within the app. However, are you wondering if it’s possible to remove a story after it’s been posted? Here’s how you can delete tiktok story.

TikTok is the go-to place for finding cool and trending videos online. There are so many videos to watch every day!

In 2022, TikTok added something called “stories“. It’s like what you see on Snapchat and Instagram, where you can put up videos that disappear after a while. Lots of people on TikTok really like using this stories feature.

You can make a story that’s up to 15 seconds long. Your story will show up in the main feed with a “story” tag on it.

If you post a bunch of stories in one day, they will all show up together. But here’s the catch: if you want to share something longer than 15 seconds, you need to split it into different parts.

Now, what if you put up a story and later change your mind? No worries! We’ll show you exactly how to delete stories on TikTok. It’s not complicated at all – just follow our guide, and you’ll be a pro at managing your TikTok content!


Delete TikTok Story

  1. Open the TikTok app on your Android or iPhone.
  2. Then, tap the “Profile” icon.
  3. Open the Story you want to delete.
  4. Tap on three dots (•••) on the right side.
  5. Tap the Delete 🗑 option from the menu.
  6. Tap Delete again to confirm deleting the story.

Note: Stories are also automatically deleted after 24 hours.

How To Delete TikTok Story?

Deleting TikTok stories is a swift process that won’t take up much of your time, just a few seconds.

Whether you’re using an Android device or an iPhone, you’re in luck! The steps to delete your stories are the same for both.

Follow the straightforward instructions provided below to effortlessly remove a story from your TikTok account:

  • Open your TikTok App.
  • Go to your Account Profile located at the bottom right corner.

titkok profile

  • You can view all of your stories in the profile section.

tiktok stories

  • Select any story you want to delete.
  • Tap on the three dots icon (•••).

tap 3 dots tiktok story

  • Tap on Delete.

Delete tiktok story

  • In the pop-up message, tap Delete again.

confirm delete tiktok story

  • Your TikTok story will be permanently deleted.

This is how you can delete tiktok story from your profile. Once you’re done with this process, that story won’t show up for anyone to see. And guess what? You can use the same steps if you want to delete stories that you’ve kept private, just for yourself.

Don’t forget: If you want to see all the stories you’ve put up on TikTok, just tap on your profile picture. And the very first video you see there is the start of your stories.

But wait, there’s more! These steps aren’t only for getting rid of stories. They also work if you accidentally put up TikTok videos that you didn’t really mean to. You know, those times when you post something by accident? You can delete those videos too using these steps.

When you say goodbye to a story, video, or reel, it disappears from your TikTok account right away. Poof, it’s gone!

Oh, and don’t worry about your followers. When you delete a story, TikTok doesn’t send them any messages or tell them about it. It’s like a little secret between you and your TikTok account.

So, remember this: If you ever put up TikTok stories, videos, or reels by accident, you’re not stuck with them. You can remove them quickly to avoid any mix-ups or confusion.

How to Delete a TikTok Story Before Posting?

Before you share a story on your TikTok account, here’s how you can delete it. On the Upload page, find the arrow icon ➡️ at the upper-left corner. Next, just tap on the Discard option. This will delete the story and stop it from being posted.

How to Delete a TikTok Story Before Uploading?

If your TikTok story has already begun uploading, quickly disable your phone’s data connection or Wi-Fi to stop the process. After that, navigate to the Draft folder. Tap and hold the story you want to remove, then choose the Delete 🗑️ option. Finally, confirm your decision to delete the story.

What to Do Before Deleting TikTok Stories?

When you delete TikTok stories, it’s a permanent choice – you can’t bring them back later. So, it’s important to think carefully before you decide.

Once a TikTok story is gone, you can’t get it back. To avoid this, make sure to save your story before you delete it for good.

Remember, as soon as you tap that Delete button, the story is gone forever. If you’re not sure about saving a TikTok story, don’t worry – we’ll explain how to do it in the next section.

Even though you can share many stories in a day, be careful not to delete the wrong one in a hurry. Take your time to be sure you’re removing the right story. And try not to post too many stories all at once on TikTok.

Staying connected with your audience is a good thing. If people have liked or commented on the story you’re going to delete, it’s nice to respond to them. This way, you’re building a strong community and keeping your TikTok interactions meaningful.

How To Save TikTok Stories Before Deleting?

Follow these steps to save TikTok stories:

  • Open TikTok app.
  • Go to your TikTok Profile, located at the bottom panel
  • Go to the story that you want to save.
  • Tap on the Three dots icon (•••).
  • Select the Save Video option.
  • The story will be saved on your phone.

Similar to Snapchat and Instagram, TikTok also removes stories automatically after 24 hours. Once a TikTok story is deleted, there’s no way to recover it. It’s smart to keep a copy of it before it disappears.

Saving a video, reel, or story is simple and quick – just a few steps, really.

Plus, it’s a wise move to hold onto your old content. You never know when it might come in handy down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Recover Deleted Stories on TikTok?

NO, once you delete a TikTok video, there’s no going back. Once a story is removed from your TikTok account, it’s gone for good. You won’t be able to see deleted stories anymore. This is why it’s a good idea to make sure you have a backup of your stories before they’re gone for good.

How long do TikTok Stories stay up?

TikTok stories disappear on their own after 24 hours. But you also have the power to delete a story yourself from TikTok, and it will vanish right away. And once it’s gone, nobody can see that story anymore.

How to Cancel a TikTok Story Uploading?

If you notice that you’re about to upload the wrong story on TikTok, quickly close the TikTok app before the upload finishes. This will stop your TikTok story from getting uploaded and save it as a draft, where you can delete it. This way, you can remove the TikTok story before it actually gets posted.

Does Your Followers Know You Deleted TikTok Stories?

No need to worry, TikTok doesn’t let your followers know when you delete a story. So, if they haven’t seen it, they won’t get any notifications about it being removed. But it’s a good idea to delete it quickly to prevent any confusion.

Can You Make TikTok Stories Private?

Yes, you have the ability to make your TikTok stories private, ensuring they’re only for your eyes. Achieve this by adjusting the Privacy settings of your chosen story. In the “Who can watch this video” area, opt for “Only me“. This action will render the story invisible to other users.

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TikTok’s story feature is a great way for creators to stay connected with their followers and build a strong community.

So, before you share anything on TikTok, make sure it’s what you want. But if you accidentally share something you didn’t mean to, you can quickly delete it before your followers see it.

Deleting a story is easy and only takes a few steps. Just tap your profile icon, which will have a blue ring around it (or the first video you see). Pick the story you want to remove, and with a tap, it’s gone.

The best part? Nobody will know that you deleted it. Just remember, once a story is gone, you can’t bring it back. If you want to keep a story, save it using the ways we talked about or use a screen recorder.

We hope this guide on how to delete a TikTok story is helpful 😍. If it is, share it with others so they can learn too!

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