7 Best Snipping Tools for Chromebook In 2022

Learn how to take screenshots with the Chromebook using keyboard shortcuts, or a stylus, as well as the most effective snipping tools for Chromebook that you can use to take a screenshot of your screen.

Best Snipping Tools for Chromebook

If you’re looking to take a screenshot of your entire screen or part of it on your Chromebook, The most effective method is to utilize keyboard shortcuts.

To capture the entire screen, hold CTRL+Window (Show Windows). If you only would like to capture a specific region, press CTRL+Shift and press the Window Switch (Show Windows) key, then use the mouse to move your cursor over the crosshair symbol and choose the area you wish to take a screenshot of.
If your Chromebook is equipped with a stylus, you can utilize it to take complete or partial screenshots and add annotations, or you can utilize the Power+Volume Down button for quick screenshots.

Our guide on taking screenshots using a Chromebook offers more in-depth instructions to take edit and manage your screenshots.

The built-in snipping tools for Chromebook could be lacking, but there are many Chrome extensions and applications you can utilize to enhance your capabilities. Here are some suggestions for you to consider.

chromebook full screenshot shortcut

1- LightShot

LightShot is a free snipping tool software for Chromebook however it can also be used with Windows as well as Mac computers. It is available as a Chrome extension, or as actual software. You can use it to capture screenshots, edit them and upload the images onto the servers.

The user-friendly and easy tool lets you drag and drop screenshots onto any area of the Chromebook’s screen. You can then edit the screenshot on the spot and then download or transfer the image directly to Google Drive.

For LightShot, use the extension or app to display the section in which you can capture the picture you’d like. You can also pick any area of the webpage you’d like to record and save the image you’ve taken to your clipboard.

The app comes with an extremely powerful online editor that you can use to modify screenshots right away when you take them or later.lightshot for chromebook

2- ShareX

ShareX is an effective tool to capture screenshots from your whole screen. You can also take screenshots of an area of your screen or a portion of it. You can crop it on the spot, or save it for later when you’re ready for modifying.

Download this Chrome extension and then use this extension with your Chromebook to capture many kinds of screenshots or create GIF images while recording your screen, and then share it anywhere you’d like.

Although ShareX may be a bit too much for some users There’s a lot to love about it. For instance, there are numerous capture techniques, such as selecting specific regions, windows, monitors, and different shapes for capturing the space you need.

Additionally, the program includes tools for editing and annotation to crop, pixelate, or make text or shapes in your image. You can also upload, copy, and watermark your screenshots for upload to over 30 locations, and receive the shortened URL to share with friends and family.sharex snipping tool for chromebook

3- FireShot

FireShot is a free extension that allows you to cut off portions from your display or even a whole webpage and save it as an image, without taking multiple screenshots.

The application offers a simple and easy interface for users that makes taking pictures of your screen simple, easy, and fast. Additionally, FireShot’s powerful editor lets you improve your photos by adding effects, blur, arrows and watermarks, text annotations, or removing unwanted elements.

It is possible to save your screenshots in a variety of formats, including pdf, GIF, PNG, or JPEG to your personal computer or send them directly via email, OneNote, or other social media.fireshot snipping tool for chromebook

4- Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot can be described as a snipping application that is compatible with Chromebook which lets you capture your screen and camera whenever you need to share something or explain it.

You can capture photos, make comments and annotations, blur personal data and share them by uploading them with a single click to other platforms, or save them to your local hard drive.

The tool can also be connected to common tools like Trello, Asana, and Slack to facilitate collaboration with colleagues or clients.awesome screenshot tool for chromebook

5- Nimbus Capture

Nimbus Capture is a free tool for snipping that lets you take a picture of the entire screen of your Chromebook or only a portion of it. The tool can be used to draw, highlight your screenshots, or even record video clips of the tabs, or your entire desktop with your webcam.

The tool can be used to capture part or complete web pages and allows you to save time from writing complete tutorials, by making recordings that can be used to share information easily. It lets you select various screen capture modes, including specific areas, fragments of visible parts of a webpage, or scrollable pages, and record your screen with only one click.

Additionally, the annotation panel provides powerful editing tools that can help make your explanations and content clearer and more effective.nimbus capture tool for chromebook

6- Flamory

Flamory comes with a wealth of options for editing, capturing, and sharing your snippets.

It is possible to create pages with searchable screenshots and content or bookmark them or create thumbnails to use with them easily. The program saves copies of the image or web page that you see on your screen. If you double-click the screenshot, it will direct you to the precise spot on the page.

Flamory can also group snapshots of related subjects to allow you to view everything you’ve researched in one location. This tool isn’t just for documents or web pages in isolation, but it does so for local files, emails, and PDF books, among others.

If your images have sensitive content, you should not be worried about them being visible on the internet. Flamory stores all snapshots and your history on your computer, and does not consider the hidden files or private browsing sessions.flamory tool for chromebook

7- Gyazo

Gyazo is a basic but extremely effective snipping tool that lets you snap any app, take actions, animations, or even make GIFs or videos and share them within a matter of minutes. It saves the images on the screen and lets you edit the content using basic and advanced tools later.

Once you have captured the screen, Gyazo can upload your screen and create a unique, private link that you are able to copy and share instantly.

You can also play back your recordings to catch every detail, save memorable and valuable memories to your accounts with the details of each one and then manage your recordings quickly. gayzo snipping tool for chromebook

Capture Screenshots and Create Videos on Chromebook

No matter which snipping application you employ on your Chromebook, You can take photos and make videos or GIFs according to your preferences. The built-in tool may not provide all the features you require to edit, create and annotate your snippets; however, you’ll find a good tool from our selection of seven that will allow you to do many things with your images.
Have you got favorite snipping tools for Chromebook? Share it with us in the comments.

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